Mojikit Channel
Mojikit Channel Cabins

The South camp is truly impressive; it's big and well thought out and has a beautiful view over Mijikit Channel. From the 15 foot cathedral ceilings to the stand up bar we designed the camp with the big group in mind.

"The fishing is here is stupid good" in the words of one group as they excitedly explained how their week went...


Mojikit Channel ( Ogoki Reservoir)




88° 10' 47"
50° 44' 43"

Big Water - Big Fish

"The fishing is here is stupid good" and from this location you have access to a huge water system with many and diverse fishing locations.

In 1939, as a part of Canada's war effort, the north flowing waters of the mighty Ogoki River were diverted south to provide the needed water power for electric generation. When the dams were closed in 1942, what had also been created was a magnificent fishery.

As the Ogoki River winds it's way north to the Albany, it passes through the Ogoki Reservoir and thanks to this creation, joins with Mojikit Lake which together boasts over 60,000 acres.

Mojiki South

Mojikit Channel Fishing Map
New Mojikit Channel Fishing Map


Ogoki Frontier's camps are located on the sheltered channel joining Ogoki Reservoir with Mojikit lake. Just out from our South camp is a submerged 20 foot waterfall (as a result of the diversion) for those who need a quick fishing fix.

These camps have all the good stuff which includes Lund 16 boats complete with flat floors and Merc 4-stroke 20's. The screened in fish cleaning house feature running water and a stainless steel sink. The camp is quite roomy with solar for quiet electricity and solar water for residential style water pressure. So comfortable you may want to stay a bit longer.

And like we said .. "big water - big fish".

When you fly in it is still possible to see some of the remnants of horse trails built in the 30's.

Over 40 miles end to end, we now have this magnificent 60,000 plus acre sportsman's waterway. Where the Ogoki Reservoir meets Mojikit Lake is the sheltered Mojikit Channel. What was a fall of 20 feet is now the fast water that flows past our two beautiful camps. Relax. We are talking current that walleye love not white water.

As for the fishing; Big walleye is probably the best way to describe it. Folks are generally absolutely delighted at the size of the walleye, and for the Pike hunters 30 inch plus is the starting point.


The South camp was newly constructed in 2001. Big, impressive and well thought out is the best way to describe this structure. From the 15 foot cathedral ceilings to the stand up bar we designed the camp with the big group in mind. New oversized chest freezer .. two refrigerators .. 2 futons .. two six foot dinning tables and a Motorola radio-phone. The lights are solar as is the water system. Enjoy cocktails - bug free - in the screened in porch. A picture is worth a thousand words. The wilderness bar has been raised.

We use deluxe 16' Lunds with 20 hp 4 stroke outboards and there are 4 of them.


  • Large 1 frame cabin with screened in porch (8'x12')
  • Screened fish cleaning house with running water
  • Wood walkways
  • 16' Lunds with floors
  • 20 hp Electric start outboards (4 stroke)
  • Sleeps 4-10
  • Propane / Solar Lights
  • Shower