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For 25 years we have provided deluxe wilderness outpost fishing trips from our Armstrong location into beautiful Wabakimi Provincial Park and surrounding lakes.

Yes, we take you where the fishing is extraordinary, but there is more than fishing. Yearly family gatherings sharing a wilderness experience in comfort. Father - son (or daughter) bonding trips or Husband and wife celebrating a second honeymoon with the added spectacular outpost fishing or `the buddy trips where the tall tales get taller.'

It's a big time stress reliever! ... how do you think about anything else when you are fighting a fish?

Enough said

Greg and I had a great week. we caught over 1000 walleye. There were well over 200 in the slot size (>18"). This is the most large walleye that have ever been caught on a trip to whiteclay for me. The slot size protection is working. It seems that each trip has more large fish being caught. Our largest northern was 43". It was caught on a jig while walleye fishing.

Greg and I sent see what you missed letters to about a dozen folks. Hope that translates into a large group for next June. ... Fran and I are looking forward to the August fishing trip ...

G. Ostrander, Green Bay, WI

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guided tourHi Paul + Judy,

Received your card. Congratulations on 25 Years! We speak often about
the great times we had at Ogoki! A Tribute to you both!

Best Regards,
Rich Craddock


. . . Nicole will take you on a guided tour!

Outpost Fishing Trip in Northern Ontario

This website will take you every step of the way for a worry free fishing vacation!

Let us introduce ourselves; Judy & Paul Boucher and family. We've been doing this for 25 years and have learned a thing or two on how to take the worry out of the wilderness experience. Our staff will help you with anything you may not understand or solve any mechanical glitch right away. In short: we treat you like family!

Just wanted to drop a quick email to you trying to put into words the great, great time our group had! We were not "over promised or oversold" on anything. As we had ten years of previous Canadian fly in experiences with other outfitters we were concerned about the change in going to your camp. Needless to say we were delighted in every aspect of our weeks stay. Thanks again for your wonderful customer service!! We will be talking soon about next year!

B Schneeberg Milwaukee, WI


Ogoki Challenge


At Ogoki Frontier we pride ourselves in providing a great fishing vacation and doing everything we can to make your outpost fishing trip enjoyable and comfortable.

If you take the time to compare, here are some areas we think are important when buying a fly in outpost fishing trip or hunting trip.


Wind Speed

There are certain tell tale signs that help a float plane pilot to determine the speed of the wind.

A wind of 1 to 2 knots: smoke drifts and water ripples.

A wind of 4 to 6 knots: leaves rustle; small wavelets break the surface of water bodies but there are no whitecaps.

A wind of 7 to 10 knots: leaves and small twigs move as do flags; scattered whitecaps break the surface of a water body.

A wind of 11 to 16 knots: small branches move; long waves and frequent whitecaps can be seen on water surfaces.

A wind of 17 to 21 knots: small trees sway; many long whitecaps break the water surface.

A strong wind of 25 to 31 knots; large branches move; large waves, spray and white foam crests break the surface of water bodies.



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