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Planning Your Fly-In Hunting or Fishing Trip

Planning your fishing or hunting trip map of lake


Please call our toll free line and give us your preferred dates and Frontier destination. Call Toll Free at 800-454-7644 or email


Fishing Trip: $350
Hunting Trip: $700

Please Note: Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are transferable when cancelled 90 days prior to departure.

Ogoki Frontier Boat Form Download

Pleasure Craft Operator Cards are now a requirement for residents of Canada. Proof of competency for short term boat rentals can also take the form of a completed boat safety checklist. We can do this with you when you arrive for your fishing or hunting trip.

Confirmation Letter

You will receive a confirmation letter for your trip in the mail. This is a complete record of where, when, who, how many and how much. Even the tax component is shown, with any special requests. Please verify the accuracy of your reservation details.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits $350 fishing or $700 hunting are non-refundable and non-transferable to the following year

Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of Group deposit.


If something happens and you can't make it, we will be happy to re-book you, for a time later the same year or next. Deposits are non-refundable when vacation is cancelled within 90 days. Rescheduled trips prices at prevailing rates.

Final Settlement

Final settlement of the account is made prior to departure by cash, Visa, Mastercard (with 3% surcharge on credit cards only), travelers cheques, cashiers cheque or money order. Personal cheques must be pre-approved and payment received 30 days prior to departure.
Visa - Master Card

Packing for Your Trip

On average, you are allowed 140 pounds of gear per person on fishing trips and 190 pounds for hunters. This may vary depending on conditions. See Aircraft Weight Guidelines below.

Aircraft Weight Guidelines

Airplane Passengers Weight

Gross weight includes passengers. Weights are approximate only. Will vary with distance & weather conditions.

Crossing the Border into Canada

For the majority of Ogoki Frontier customers, the border crossing is at Pigeon River, Ontario. US entry Grand Portage, MN. For information on what you can bring, call Canada Customs (807) 964-2093. We encourage you to phone ahead to be sure. If you are flying info Canada - Canada Customs 1-888-CAN-PASS.

While various forms of Identification are technically acceptible for U.S. Citizens to enter Canada we strongly recommend you bring your passport as it makes things lots easier!

What Should I Bring?

  • Two Rods
  • Rain Wear
  • Dish Soap
  • Fly Repellent
  • Tackle Box
  • Life Jacket
  • Refreshments
  • Garbage Bags
  • Landing Net
  • Mosquito Coils
  • Towels
  • Food
  • Filet Knife
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Camera
  • Toilet Paper
  • Clothing

Accommodations at Ogoki Frontier (prior to morning departure)

Ogoki Frontier has limited accommodations for vacationers to stay at the base in one of 4 guest cabins ($56.50 USD per person including tax).

We are pleased to provide complimentary coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cubed ice. We also provide free use of a boat and motor (on Mattice Lake only) for releasing or practicing your hook set the day/evening prior to departure. Boat quantities are limited.

fishing trip

Click here for more photos of our Guest Cabins



Armstrong is 4 miles north of our base on Hwy 527. There are two restaurants and a general store selling groceries as well as beer, alcohol and wine. Gasoline and diesel fuel also available.


Parking is free at the Frontier base and is safe, secure and well lit.




Ontario fishing tripGood Morning to Paul and Judy and the gang,

    First let me begin by thanking you for providing us with what I consider "the best fishing trip I have ever taken"!! You could not be any more accommodating and willing to provide your customers with a great experience than what I have seen in my four opportunities to spend time with you. From my first trip to Ogoki Frontier I fell in love with Whiteclay west camp and the lake itself, and use it as a measuring stick with any other trip I take. I hope to visit again and those thoughts and plans never leave my mind. ...

Everyone there thoroughly enjoyed the week and talk about "next time". I truly hope we can make that happen.

Dennis Jones Indianapolis, Indiana




Ogoki Frontier Fly-In fishing, Armstrong Ontario
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