The Ogoki Frontier

Thank you for selecting The Ogoki Frontier for your upcoming wilderness vacation. We pledge to do our best to provide you with a worry free hunting or fishing holiday.

This booklet has been prepared for new and repeat guests alike and the following subjects will be covered.

  1. Travelling to the Ogoki Frontier
  2. Fishing Trip Package What and how to pack.
  3. How to pack for an airplane
  4. Base accommodations
  5. Float plane travel Traveling to the Ogoki Frontier
  6. Non Resident Outdoor Cards

NOTE: You will need a passport to re-enter the USA!

Traveling to the Ogoki Frontier 

- by road -

Our base is located 4 miles south of the northern community of Armstrong (pop 600). Highway 527 is a well maintained paved highway. Travel time from the junction of 11/17 and 527 is about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Note: No Diesel fuel available for 156 mi. on Hwy 527.

From Sault St Marie Ontario travel time is approximately 9 road hours to our base. From Minneapolis allow approx 9 hours and from Duluth MN figure on 6 hours to the fly in base.

travel-by-plane- by air -

Armstrong is located some 150 miles north of the city of Thunder Bay. Located on the north shore of lake Superior, Thunder Bay is a medium sized city which boasts an International airport served by Air Canada, Porter and West Jet Airlines. Thunder Bay International is reachable from anywhere in the world via Toronto, Winnipeg.

Getting to the base from the airport is easy by many rental car company's at the airport book early to avoid vehicle shortages. You can find shopping stores on Arthur St before heading North and if by rental car, we can help by supply directions. Thunder Bay also has 24 hour food shopping for those who need it.

- by private aircraft -

Arriving by private aircraft? Armstrong ( YYW - Unicom 122.80 ) features a new (paved) airstrip 100' wide by 4500 ' long runway. YYW is equipped with lights and the elevation is 1125' ASL. Phone ahead for details of pick up.

Getting into Canada

To enter Canada you need to provide proof of citizenship, your passport is the best choice for this process. For more details of entry and what you can bring with you: please consult the Canada Customs website or phone 807.964.2093 for Canada Customs at Pigeon River Ontario. (Grand Portage MN)

Re-Entering the USA

You will be required to produce a passport to enter The United States of America. Please visit our web site and click on United States Border. Or follow the link

What does Ogoki Frontier provide ?

All outpost camps come equipped with the following:

  • Motorola 2 way fm radios (for convenience and safety)
  • Hot and cold running water with showers
  • Modern propane appliances
  • Whiteclay and Mojikit Channel Camps feature Lund 16's with electric start 20 hp 4
    stroke engines.
  • All other camps feature Deluxe Lund boats with swivel seats and late model outboards.
  • Unlimited gasoline
  • Complimentary cubed ice
  • Complimentary filtered drinking water (in 10 liter containers)
  • Propane gas grills
  • All eating and cooking utensils
  • Firewood
  • Checkflights on trips of 5 days or more.

- and -

Service with a smile

- breathing machines -

Ogoki Frontier will provide a 900 watt Inverter and an RV battery. We no longer provide generators with some exceptions. 

Please note: you will need to supply your own extension cord.

Arriving at the Ogoki Frontier base

Our office closes at 7pm (Eastern) daily, so if you anticipate arriving after that time , we will leave a note on the door directing you to your cabin if reserved and at what time we will need to start processing the following morning.

If you have booked an overnight guest cabin you will need to use the sleeping bag and pillow that you packed. Cubed ice is complimentary and we usually have a boat and motor for your use the day of arrival. Our guest cabins have complimentary - coffee - tea bags - and hot chocolate. The cabins are equipped with coffee machines - kettle - toasters - some with microwave ovens and refrigerator.

For those wishing to have a bite to eat after arriving; Armstrong has two licenced restaurants. Gails Grill and the E & J Both are open to 10pm (Eastern time Zone)

- settling the account -

Ogoki Frontier has fishing/hunting licences at the office. We require the account to be settled before flying in to the outpost camp. Final payment may be made by: cash .. travelers cheques .. cashiers cheque or Visa or MasterCard (3% service charge applies). Personal cheques when used must arrive 45 days prior to departure (no exceptions)

- Licenses - Ontario Outdoors Card; Fishing; Hunting-Resident and Non-Resident

To improve processing time upon arrival, licences can be obtained online. O/C and Fishing licence visit: . O/C and hunters: .
If unable to go online, O/C and licence can be updated at the Base.

- bait -

Ogoki Frontier stocks worms and leeches. For those wishing to purchase minnows please phone ahead as they are not always available. It is important to note: Ogoki Frontier assumes no responsibility for either the size or longevity of the minnows

For those of you using salted minnows please let us know ahead of time so that we may provide you with a cooler and extra ice as we do not encourage using the camp chest freezers.

- last minute items -

Armstrong has a general store which is open daily 10:00am to 5:30pm. They have assorted hardware and dry goods as well as grocery store. They also have a modest selection of beer - wine and spirits.

Please remember canned beer only.

- pets -

We realize that your best friend may have four legs. Both dogs and cats are perfectly welcome. While in the airplane dogs must be on a leash and cats in a cage. Just let us know ahead of time.

- parking -

No need to worry about parking. Ogoki Frontier has parking at no charge. The lot is on site and is well lit. No big city problems here.

How to pack for your vacation

Your weight allowance is 140 pounds per person. In that limit you must include:

  • clothes & personal items
  • fishing equipment
  • your share of food and beverage

- what you need to bring -

  • sleeping bag and pillow
  • camera
  • food and drink
  • 2 fishing rods and reels
  • tackle box
  • rain wear
  • life jackets (mandatory) * floater cushions do not qualify.
  • dish soap and towels
  • paper towels and dish towel
  • binoculars
  • landing net } supplied upon request only
  • minnow buckets } supplied upon request only
  • bug spray or coils } sold at base
  • garbage bags good quality
  • toilet paper

- packing tips - (please read carefully)

Aircraft are weight sensitive and are very limited as to available space. For safety's sake we do not fly aircraft beyond their limits.

  • Plan your meals ( i.e. breakfasts - lunch - dinner and snacks) by the # of days.
    (See sample)
  • Plan on one standard large sized cooler (not jumbo size) per two people
  • Rubbermade style totes are popular but limit both their size and numbers. (See sample)
  • Items such as life jackets, extra boots, fish locators, potatoes - leave loose not in tote
  • Paper towels should not be packed in large square totes because they consume too much
    space. Leave them separate.
  • beer must be canned beer (20 lbs) vs bottles (32lbs)
  • instead of using one super large hockey duffle, use two smaller ones.
  • avoid super huge or long rod cases.

Remember what goes into the outpost camp must come back out again. When returning to base after your fly in - if the pilot cannot fit it all in the plane he will leave any liquids behind.

- sample personal packing -

personal gear allowance . 140 lbs

Main duffel .. 3 changes of clothes (varies by vacation length) .. Socks underwear etc.

Bath towel .. Extra shoes ..soft sided tackle bag w/ plastic trays .. 2 fishing reels

Rain suit .. Gloves ..1 heavy shirt .. Pull over sweater .. Summer/spring jacket.

Packed separately .. Fish finder .. Life jacket

Rod tube for 2 rods

Smaller duffel .. Medication .. Toiletries .. Sunglasses .. Camera .. Flashlight w/ spare batteries.

Spare battery for fish finder .. Binoculars .. Filet knife .. Fishing ball cap ..

Magazines .. Misc. Snacks etc.

Your food and beverage allowance is 65 lbs . Included in the 140 lbs. total

** Remember you have a check flight for those special extras.

- if you must bring it all -

If you just can't do without your favorite folding chairs, extra food and that kind of stuff then notify us in advance and we will book a larger airplane for you. We will advise you on the extra cost.

For overloads that the charter carrier cannot take and you still want (the day you fly in) then you will be able to pay a flat fee for our Cessna 180. $150 usd to take in and (if required) $150 to bring out the surplus gear. This will allow us to cover our fuel costs.

Extra cases of beer and that kind of thing can be taken to the outpost as a part of your check flight items and at no extra cost to you.

- aircraft capacity -

Groups of 2- 4 traveling in the Beaver are allowed 1350lbs gear and body weight Groups of 5 - 7 traveling in an Otter are allowed 2600 lbs gear and body weight Groups of 8 will be allowed the Cessna at n/c to haul extra gear up to a total of 200lbs.

- aircraft operation -

In bush flying there is no such thing as a scheduled airline. Why you ask? This is because safety rules forbid IFR Instrument Flight when operating on water. VFR (Visual Flight) and flying float equipped aircraft require the pilot to adjust for the weather.

As we schedule the flight times we start in the west and go east as a pre-plan for inclement weather. Why? Because with earths rotation it always clears in the west first. So - in short we try to predict the flight time but it ends up being very approximate at best. While some find it frustrating it is part of the adventure and charm that is associated with remote outpost fishing and hunting.

Here's an approximation of departure times:

Early morning flights:

Grayson, Pickett, Whiteclay West, and Whiteclay North

Mid morning flights:

Chipchase, Mojikit Channel North and South, Scallop



For those parties driving all night (before fly out) - Please call 1 week in advance regarding your flight departure time.

- Non Resident Outdoor Cards -

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources is now issueing Non Resident Outdoors Cards for both hunting and fishing. The purpose is to issue a personal identification card for a period of three years. To this end, when you apply for this years licence, you will first fill out an application for the Outdoors card at a cost of $9 cad. Then you will select the type of fishing licence you wish, either a conservation or sport licence. You will then have two pieces of paper. 1. Outdoors card application 2. type of fishing licence. At some point in the near future ( six weeks) you will receive by mail, your new Ontario Outdoors Card. The idea is to streamline the application process.

The hunting version of the card is similar but with a couple of extra requirements. Please call ahead for details

Outdoors Card applications

Save time and get your fishing licence on line ahead of time See Non-Canadian Residents or Canadian Residents to make application. If you have trouble we'll take care of it.

All fishing licenses and Outdoors cards are issued at Ogoki Frontier or are available online.

Hunters will need to call our office at 800-454-7644 or email for clarification as to the process.