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Moose Hunting is the ultimate big game experience. If you don't believe me just check out the numerous videos on Youtube like the one below and you will see what a rush of adrenaline Canada Moose Hunting trips can be!

Our Northwestern Ontario terrain is well suited for the moose and as a result they have continued to thrive here. While driving along the highway from Thunder Bay West to Kenora, East towards Hearst or North towards Armstrong you will see endless moose habitat.

Out of season Canadians often see moose standing in a roadside marsh or between the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. Unfortunately during moose hunting season these creatures instinctively move inland away from roads.


Canada Moose Hunting At its best from Ogoki FrontierAt Ogoki Frontier we have the perfect solution to this problem; Fly-In Moose Hunting.

Yes, The Canada Fly-In Moose Hunting Trip is the perfect way to get into where the moose are hiding. We will fly you and your buddies into one of our Deluxe Hunting & Fishing Lodges so that you can live in comfort while on your MONSTER MOOSE HUNT in our territory.

There is no big game hunt that is more satisfying than Canadian fly in moose hunting. At Ogoki Frontier we offer deluxe moose hunts in the virgin Boreal forests north of Armstrong Ontario. Just you, your companions and the northern wilderness.

With Ogoki Frontier's Fly-In Moose Hunting Trips you won't have to worry about putting a bullet through the rad of a oncoming transport while bagging your monster moose!

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What's included in an Ogoki Frontier Fly-In Moose Hunt?

Your Ogoki Frontier hunt includes all flights in and out of the outpost camp. Also included is one check flight. Flying the moose out is included as well should you be successful.

Also included are the usual items such as unlimited gasoline, complementary cubed ice, all eating and cooking utensils plus radio contact.

Most importantly the price includes the moose validation tags depending on which hunt you purchase.

Not included are the provincial moose license ($460.88 CAD) and should you want to fish, you will have to purchase a fishing license ($29.40 CAD). Lastly, non residents would need to purchase an export permit to get their animal home ($35.00 CAD).

If you have any questions or would like to book a trip, contact us via email at or call us toll free at 1-800-454-7644.



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