Chipchase Lake
Chipchase Lake Fishing Cabin
Chipchase is almost 900 sqft, is big on comfort and was built in 2007. Chipchase Lake is 3 miles long and water depths average 20 ft and at its deepest 50 ft. River access to Grinch Lake makes a great day trip destination.
Grayson Lake
Grayson Lake Cabins
New vacationers to Grayson are pleasantly surprised by this camp. Many say - "It feels like a summer home". Grayson Lake is 7 miles long with a portage boat into Nikki Lake for added fun excursions.
Mojikit Channel
Mojikit Channel Cabins

The South camp was newly constructed in 2001. Big, impressive and well thought out is the best way to describe this structure. From the 15 foot cathedral ceilings to the stand up bar we designed the camp with the big group in mind.

“The fishing is here is stupid good” in the words of one group as they excitedly explained how their week went...

Scallop Lake
Scallop Lake Fishing Cabins

Scallop is, in fact, a part of a four small lake series .. Maddy - Lower Maddy - Austen and Scallop, all part of the Raymond River system.

The Scallop cabin has in recent years seen many improvements: Solar electricity, gravity fed water system with hot and cold water, Large added screened in porch, a shower, Screened in fish cleaning house with running water and a sink, its fully insulated with pine interior.

Pickett Lake
Pickett Lake Outpost Cabins
Two lakes, approximately 7 miles of navigatable river, sandy beaches and a large comfy log cabin, all in a private setting with ‘Natures Showroom' on display.
Poshowconk Lake
Poshowconk Lake Outpost Cabin
This is the way it used to be. Propane lights .. No running water but it has a propane fridge .. stove .. and a gas grill and of course a Motorola 2-way radio. This is our camp on tiny Poshowconk Lake. In recent years this camp has been mainly a moose hunt camp, but has very good walleye and pike fishing
Whiteclay West
Whiteclay West
Whiteclay Lake is a long 13,000 acre lake with many interesting places to visit and fish. Ogoki Frontier has two camps that are 5 miles apart - above the West camp at the mouth of the Ogoki River. The fishing here is exceptionally good
Whiteclay North
Whiteclay Lake Cabin
Whiteclay North at the mouth of the Moncrief River

Ontario; for extreme hunting adventures!

Moose Hunting is the ultimate big game experience. If you don't believe me just check out the numerous videos on Youtube like the one above and you will see what a rush of adrenaline Canada Moose Hunting trips can be!

Our Northwestern Ontario terrain is well suited for the moose and as a result they have continued to thrive here. While driving along the highway from Thunder Bay West to Kenora, East towards Hearst or North towards Armstrong you will see endless moose habitat.

Out of season Canadians often see moose standing in a roadside marsh or between the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. Unfortunately during moose hunting season these creatures instinctively move inland away from roads.

What's included in an Ogoki Frontier Fly-In Moose Hunt?

Your Ogoki Frontier hunt includes all flights in and out of the outpost camp. Also included is one check flight. Flying the moose out is included as well should you be successful.

Also included are the usual items such as unlimited gasoline, complementary cubed ice, all eating and cooking utensils plus radio contact.

Most importantly the price includes the moose validation tags depending on which hunt you purchase.

Not included are the provincial moose license ($460.88 CAD) and should you want to fish, you will have to purchase a fishing license ($29.40 CAD). Lastly, non residents would need to purchase an export permit to get their animal home ($35.00 CAD).

If you have any questions or would like to book a trip, contact us via email at or call us toll free at 1-800-454-7644.


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