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Whiteclay Lake Gallery

Whiteclay Lake is a long 13,000 acre lake with many interesting places to visit and fish. Ogoki Frontier has two camps that are 5 miles apart - Whiteclay North at the mouth of the Moncrief River and the West camp at the mouth of the Ogoki River.

Mojikit Channel

Where the Ogoki Reservoir meets Mojikit Lake is the sheltered Mojikit Channel. What was a fall of 20 feet is now the fast water that flows past our two beautiful fihsing camps. White water, no you can relax, we are talking about fishing in a current that

Grayson Lake

Grayson Lake is home to the Blue Walleye. There are lots of green ones too, but the mystery is, why so many are blue in colour. Like all of our lakes, expect good fishing for trophy Northern Pike.

Kathleen Lake

Kathleen Lake is the headwaters for the Opichuan river system that flows north into the Albany River. This lake is the furthest out from our base south of Armstrong.

Scallop Lake

Scallop Lake is located on the Raymond River which flows north into the Ogoki River after passing through Pickett Lake. Scallop is, in fact, a part of a four small lake series .. Maddy - Lower Maddy - Austen and Scallop.

Chipchase Lake

The Chipchase Lake Outpost fishing Cabin redefines wilderness luxury. The beautiful log fishing cabin was destroyed by fire in the fall of 2006 and in its place a frame structure was built for the start of 2007. The camp is almost 900 sq. ft and is built

Pickett Lake

Pickett and Clearbed Lakes are separated by a small beaver dam that is easily crossed. Together these two lakes provide every kind of structure and the fishing we are famous for.

Poshowconk Lake

The main lake is 120 ft deep and has both Northern Pike and Walleye. From this outpost camp you can explore the moose ponds of the Big River or walk Linklater Creek for fantastic brook trout fishing.

Base Camp Guest Cabins

Ogoki Frontierís Fly-In Fishing Base Camp is located just south of Armstrong Ontario. Guests can park in our spacious lot and can arrange to stay in our guest cabins prior to departing to their Outpost Fishing Cabin.

Big Fish Pictures

Every year customers send back pictures of the great fishing at Ogoki Frontier. Large Walleye and Monster Northern Pike always create excitement and we are very proud to share in the thrill year after year!

Monster Fish Photos

Fishing pictures from Fly-in Fishing trips in Northern Ontario Canada. Amazing Walleye Fishing and Trophy Northern Pike fishing from remote lakes in Northwestern Ontarioís unpopulated Fly in Outpost Cabins.

Overview of Ogoki Frontier

Ogoki Frontier is more than just a vacation spot. For many of our valued guests it is home away from home. For the lucky ones it is a warm recurring memory that always brings a smile to their face and an inner peace in their heart.

Chipchase Dock Repair Pics

In 2009 we had some fun building new docks at 2 locations. Here are some pictures of the fun we had at Chipchase Lake.

Pickett Dock Repairs 2009

A new dock for Pickett Lake Outpost Camp.

Retro Pictures

It been 20 years since Paul and Judy started Ogoki Frontier. A lot has changed and we wanted to share with you what things looked like when we started so you can see the features we discuss in  our current website.

2011 Photo Contest

Check out the great fishing and huntig photos entered into this years photo contest. It's still not too late to enter so see the contest rules and send us some of those great photos